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Toadette, the Frog Opera

is a new operetta composed by Jack Dauner with a libretto by Kristin Hurst

It is performed by 8 instrumentalists and 5 singers.

Prince Ribit, a frog, falls madly in love with Toadette, a toad. Their families forbid their union, in accordance with Nature’s law: A frog must love a frog, and a toad must love a toad. Snatched away by a dangerous airborne predator, Prince Ribit falls prey to a trap of deception and grief, as Toadette awaits his return in despair — until death do them part… or unite.


Toadette the Frog Opera is a 45 minute journey to a fantastical amphibian world full of unforgettable characters, where cold blood runs hot.


Toadette’s enchanting score combines romantic-style music with folk elements and a touch of musical theatre to create a dream-like world for these love-stricken amphibians

Next Performance
Klangfrühling Festival
Friedensburg Schlaining

Stadtschlaining, Austria
May 11th, 2023 19:30

Originally released as a puppet film, Toadette made its debut as a live opera at the Cockpit Theatre (Tête a Tête festival) in London on August 29th, 2022. The unique mom and son team, composer Jack Dauner and costume designer/puppeteer Kristin Hurst Dauner, were joined by renowned British conductor Tom Fetherstonhaugh, instrumentalists from the Royal Academy of Music, and 3 soloists from The University of Vienna.

For the upcoming version of Toadette, Jack Dauner extended the opera and added two new roles (alto and tenor). 

Trailer London 2022

Partial performance


Jack Dauner
read more about me here

Kristin Hurst
librettist, costume designer, artistic director

Also known as the mom of Jack, Kristin M. Hurst is an artist of sorts. She has worked as a puppeteer and props master in opera, film, theatre, and the circus. Kristin has been collaborating with her son Jack since he was 5 years old, performing their own puppet and mask shows in street and theatre festivals, in retirement homes and for their YouTube kid’s channel. Toadette is her first gig as a costume designer.










Horn in F



Violin 1

Violin 2



Kristin Hurst

Jack Dauner

Mariella Hofbauer

Anisa Mascha Karmout

Johannes Winterstein

Dionysios Avgerinos

Fabian Balkhausen


Teodora lonescu

Milad Abbassi

Maybe Quevedo

Jack Dauner

Alison Daniela Montoya Alvarez

Raphael Ile

Katharina Hammerl

Ana Spahn

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