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"...colourful music with captivating melodies and sophisticated orchestral effects..."
Peter Seper  
Mein Bezirk



Toadette the frog opera

is a new opera composed by Jack Dauner with a libretto by Kristin Hurst

Prince Ribit, a frog, falls madly in love with Toadette, a toad. Their families forbid their union, in accordance with Nature’s law: A frog must love a frog, and a toad must love a toad. Snatched away by a dangerous airborne predator, Prince Ribit falls prey to a trap of deception and grief, as Toadette awaits his return in despair — until death do them part… or unite.


Toadette the Frog Opera is a one-hour journey to a fantastical amphibian world full of unforgettable characters, where cold blood runs hot.


Toadette’s enchanting score combines romantic-style music with folk elements and a touch of musical theatre to create a dream-like world for these love-stricken amphibians

Our latest performance


Stadtschlaining, Austria

KLANGfrühling Festival 2023

Conductor: Jack Dauner

Ensemble from the

University of Performing Arts Vienna


Joseph Haydn Conservatory Eisenstadt



Jack Dauner
read more about me here

Kristin Hurst
librettist, costume designer, artistic director

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