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Bio 1 

Jack Dauner was born in 2006 in the Chablais region of Switzerland of American and German parents. He became a resident of Burgenland in 2017 and has since been studying piano at the Joseph Haydn Conservatory in Eisenstadt under Prof. Dr. Stanislaw Tichonow. In 2018, he also began studying composition under Prof. Wilhelm Spuller and has continued his composition studies with Prof. Tibor Nemeth at the Joseph Haydn Conservatory since 2022. During his studies in Eisenstadt, Jack Dauner has been awarded first prize in more than 10 international and national competitions, including the national competition "Prima la Musica" (age group IIIplus) and the competition of the Lavaux-Classic-Festival in Switzerland. The numerous stages on which Jack Dauner has performed, both alone and with orchestra, include traditional classical stages as well as a variety of special venues, such as retirement homes, jazz clubs, and concerts on the historic Walter fortepiano in the collection of the Haydn House in Eisenstadt. Since 2018, Jack Dauner has been working on various versions of his opera "Toadette, the Frog Opera." In 2021 he published, together with his mother Kristin Hurst (libretto and direction) a version as a puppet film. In 2022, the opera was partially performed in London. In 2023, under his musical direction, an extended version of the opera was performed to great acclaim at the KLANGfrühling Festival in Schlaining Castle (Austria).

Bio 2 

Jack Dauner was born in 2006 in the French-speaking region of Switzerland, to American and German parents. Introduced to the piano at a very young age by his grandmother, he was instantly captivated. In 2011 the family relocated to Florida, and it was there that Jack began to earnestly study the piano. He began to perform along side of his mother in multiple theatrical productions, as well as regularly presenting his own concerts in nursing homes and markets. A few years later, the family returned to Switzerland, where Jack entered the Montreux-Vevey-Riviera Conservatory. His horizons broadened well past his classical repertoire thanks to a Latin-jazz venue near his home, where he spent many an evening listening to music from Piazzolla to salsa, world music and jazz. 2017 brought Jack to Burgenland, Austria, where started studying with Prof. Dr. Stanislaw Tichonow at the Joseph Haydn Conservatory in Eisenstadt. He started composing in 2018 and is currently studying composition with Prof. Tibor Nemeth in Eisenstadt. His opera Toadette, the Frog Opera debuted in London on August 29th, 2022. An acclaimed new version of the opera was presented at the KLANGfrühling Festival in Stadtschlaining, Austria in May 2023 Jack Dauner has won first prize in ten international piano competitions in Austria, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and Ukraine, as well as a first prize in the "IIIplus" (for university students) category in the Austrian national competition "Prima La Musica." Aside from music, Jack is fascinated by nature and wildlife. He is an enthusiastic bird photographer and often includes nature and wildlife themes in his compositions and music videos.

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